Accessing Mental Health & Behavioral Health Systems

Call the Contracted System Administrator (CSA) at 1-877-652-7624.

The first person you will speak with at CSA is one of its Customer Service Representatives. Once some basic information has been collected, the Customer Service Representative will transfer you to a Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator will ask you questions about your family’s situation and your child’s needs, and will give you the name and phone number of one or more local mental health providers for you to call and set up an appointment for a Needs Assessment.

The types of services you may receive include:
• Connection through the CSA Care Coordinator to a local mental health provider for therapeutic behavioral assistance.

• Moderately intensive Case Management with Supportive Services through a local Youth Case
Management Program.

• Intensive, team-based Case Management through a local Care Management Organization.

All of these services are designed to provide your family with the necessary community-based resources to maintain your child in the home and in school.

Your family will be contacted by the case management agency that will be providing assistance. Please note that this intake/assessment/referral process can take three to five weeks.