Additional Information

Family Support Organization (FSO) of Hudson County
The FSO of Hudson County can be reached at 201-915-5140 and is a private, nonprofit organization working to help make the system family-friendly and responsive to the needs of children and families. FSO staff members are all parents or guardians of children who have experienced emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. They understand the challenges you face.

Mobile Response
Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization can be reached by calling the CSA at 1-877-652-7624 and pressing option #2. Mobile Response is designed to help stabilize a crisis in a child’s living arrangement. Mobile Response provides trained clinicians who can come to your home to help you address the crisis, so that it does not escalate into a situation where your child is hospitalized or removed from your home.

The process for obtaining case management services can take a couple of weeks. If your family is in a crisis situation because of the behavioral and emotional needs of your child, when you call the CSA, ask for Mobile Response Services.