Care Manager

Care Managers work with youth from the ages of 5-21 who may have behavioral/emotional challenges, substance abuse issues or developmental disabilities. The Care Manager works with the youth and family to identify current strengths, needs, and goals. They help develop a Child and Family Team (CFT) that will work with and support the family while they work on their challenges. Whenever possible, we strive to help the youth maintain stability within the community by co-creating with the youth and guardian a plan that wraps the appropriate services and supports around them and then monitoring the effectiveness of the plan. Depending on the identified needs and goals, the services/supports may include therapy, mentors, tutors, community programs, recreational activities, etc. Care Managers are the point of contact for all partners involved in the CFT – the school system, DCP&P (formerly DYFS), the justice system, therapists, etc. to ensure that everyone is “on the same page” with the individualized care plan. The goal is to ensure that informal/community supports stay in place to assist the youth and family long after care management is no longer needed.

Care Managers must have a Bachelor’s degree or Masters in psychology, sociology, social work, criminal/juvenile justice or a related field, and must be emotionally mature and able to handle stressful situations with the support of their Supervisor. 

Program Manager 

Provide supervision to 4 Care Manager Supervisors; meeting individually with each CMS weekly and providing supervision to 1 Care Manager Assistant weekly/bi-weekly. Attend Team Meetings for the 4 teams and coordinate the weekly Care Manager Assistant schedule. Attend Supervisors meetings. Along with the other Program Manager, divide the responsibilities of assigning new youth and completing agency transitions. Assist COO with training new Care Manager Supervisors. Attend Sr. Management Meeting upon request of CEO/COO. Monitor lengths of stay in OOH and CMO for the 4 teams and assist Teams with identifying and addressing barriers for transition. Monitor the youth on the “Watch List” for the 4 teams and provide additional support and clinical direction around crisis and care planning for these youth. Reinforce values/principles of wraparound and the Nurtured Heart Approach, with youth and families and with co-workers. Meet regularly with the Community Resource Director to keep current on resources and take a lead in introducing these resources to your teams. Perform other duties as assigned by COO or CEO


To be considered for a Care Manager or Program Manager position, please email your resume to: Nancy Mercurio, Director of Human Resources and Administration: All HPCMO applicants must have a valid NJ license in good standing. 

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Hudson Partnership CMO business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You can contact us at 201-537-1460. Our fax number is 201-537-1452.

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